Is it really free?

Yes. You can use our site for free. Basic features are available to you at no cost. Paid subscribers get access to filings in real-time and access to enhanced functionality.

Are filings available in real-time?

When you use the free version, filings are delayed approximately 15 minutes. However, if you wish to be on top of news as they happen, you can purchase a subscription plan for a small fee.

Does InvestorX work on all browsers? What about mobile phones/tablets?

We tested this site on all major browsers and mobile devices. It should work fine on:

  • IE8 and up
  • Fierefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • PCs and Macs
  • Android phones and tablets
  • iPhones/iPads
  • Blackberries
  • Windows phones
We strive to deliver rich functionality no matter what browser or device you use; however due to limited screen size on some mobile devices, we may not offer the same features as are available to you on your wide-screen desktop monitor. Rest assured we did our best to make your use of the website easy no matter what device or browser you use.

Do I need to install the Adobe PDF viewer?

You don't have to install Adobe PDF viewer, but if you have one installed already we will make use of it to display documents.

I'm concerned with data plan usage when viewing documents on my mobile device... what if I need to view a large document?

We compress all documents when delivering them to your mobile device. Also... we never load the entire document - we only show the pages that you choose to view. Each page view uses about the same traffic as a regular small Web page so you should be fine.

What about alerts... how do they work?

Alerts are delivered to you by email

  • As a free user you can setup up to 5 alerts; that is you can monitor up to 5 companies / document type combinations at the same time!
  • As a premium user (no matter which plan you use) - you can either up this limit or get unlimited alerts
  • Alerts are sent as soon as documents are posted for premium users (you will be notified as soon as they are available on the website)
  • Alerts are delayed for free users
  • We keep your alert history for up to 100 recently issued alerts


Proximity searches

A proximity search looks for terms that are within a specific distance away.

To perform a proximity search the tilde character ~ and a numeric value should be added to the words in the search. For example, to search for "patent" and "method" within 5 words of each other in a document, use the search:
"patent method"~5

Wildcard searches

To match a single character
To match zero or more sequential characters
te?t would match test, text, tent, ...
tes* would match test, testing, tester, ...
te*t would match test, tenant, ...

Boolean operators

Requires both terms to be present
Requires that either term (or both terms) be present for a match
Requires that the term not be present.
Toronto AND Capital will return the entries that contain the words Toronto and Capital
Toronto OR Montreal returns entries with either Toronto, Montreal or both
NOT Canada returns entries that do not have the word Canada

The Boolean operators && (AND), || (OR), ! (NOT) are also accepted. Examples:
Toronto && Capital
Toronto || Montreal
Note: The OR operator is the default operator. This means that if there is no Boolean operator between two terms, the OR operator is used.

Grouping terms

Parentheses are accepted to group clauses to form sub-queries. Example:
(Toronto OR Montreal) AND Capital

Specific phrases

To specify a search for a specific phrase, the phrase needs to be surrounded by double quotes. Example: "this report does not contain any untrue statement" will return the entries where exactly this phrase is found



How do I purchase a subscription plan?

InvestorX only supports Visa and Mastercard credit cards for payment at this time. You need to be a registered user to purchase a subscription.

Is entering my payment information safe?

When you submit your payment information on InvestorX, your data is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology certified by a digital certificate. Your credit card information is never received or stored on our servers. It is always entered directly into Moneris (our payment processor).

Are taxes collected on InvestorX purchases?

If you live in Canada or you are a Canadian resident we will charge sales taxes in addition to subscription fees. We don't charge taxes for oversees or US users that sign a certificate of non-resident status.

InvestorX billing and refund policy

InvestorX paid subscriptions are billed monthly, in advance. When you confirm a subscription on, you will be charged at the time of confirmation for the following one month(year) period, and on a monthly(yearly) recurring basis thereafter depending on the plan you choose. When you upgrade a subscription during a billing period, the upgrade will take effect immediately.
You can upgrade your subscription during the billing cycle but no refunds from your previous subscription are granted.

Note: A cancellation from a paid level of service does not issue an account credit or refund. Paid subscriptions are not transferable between users.

I missed a sale price, can I still purchase at the sale price?

Once a sale has expired, we are unable to offer the discounted price. We do run sales regularly and there is a good chance a subscription will be on sale another time. Please continue to check our website for information on upcoming discounts and promotions.