InvestorX provides users with an intuitive interface, rich document search capabilities, mobile access, real-time alerts of new filings and more.

Customizable alerts

Know when your company or fund publishes a document! Alerts are easy to setup by company name and document type. Once the document is published and processed by the system you will receive an email alert

Accessible on most devices

InvestorX can be viewed on desktops and mobile devices - no need to install specialized software

Advanced search capabilities

Search for content within PDF documents! Narrow down your search by company / mutual fund name, document type and other criteria.

XBRL Viewer Beta

Web-based XBRL viewer with conversion of content to Excel for easy analysis

Inline PDF display

View PDF in a convenient popup window or in a separate browser window (perfect if you have 2 monitors)

Company profile and stock charts

View company profile information and TMX Money stock charts

Table search

Data table search and convenient filtering and sorting features in search results

Multiple PDF download

Select and download multiple files at once